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Computer Recycling Solutions:

ECP Computers Recycles

Bring in your old computer and ECP Computers can recycle your old computers and electronics.   ECP Computers & More is happy to be a part of the technology recycling solutions for all of South East Texas. All electronic devices have materials that have very small amounts of reusable metals and plastics and in some cases batteries which over time will breakdown leaking acid into the soil and perhaps someones drinking well or worse; so the next time you upgrade think about your pitching your old desktop, laptop or any electronic device call us or come by because there's a safer way to dispose of them with us.  

We dispose of old technology properly, ensuring that any toxic chemicals, carcinogens, and heavy metals find their way to a proper recycling center instead of your local garbage dump. Don't worry about any sensitive information you may have on your computer system, we will destroy it beyond recovery, or pull your hard drive out for you to keep safe. Free pickup and in store services are provided for all previous customers or current owners of our full product line.

ECP Computers offers free and convenient recycling for any "ECP" branded computer, including laptops, desktops, and servers.  If you are local you may bring by your old ECP Computer for recycling during normal store hours at no charge.  If you have moved outside of our area,  ECP offers free shipping for all "ECP" branded computers bought from ECP Computers and More in Beaumont, TX.  Please contact us for more shipping.

If you haven't purchased items from us then we ask you to contact us directly so we can evaluate the items you wish to dispose of.

Recycle by Trade In or Consignment:

Maybe your computer isn't broken and you feel it could help someone less fortunate, we have the best solutions for just the occasion.

Bring your electronics, computers, and gaming consoles into ECP and we can place them on consignment for you. Consign your old computer and name your price. With the constant change in technology, selling your older, unused computers and gadgets is better to do sooner than later. So stop by our store today and talk with our staff about consigning your old technology.

Or maybe you would like to upgrade to a custom built computer from us at ECP Computers & More with a standard 2 year warranty and optional 3rd year coverage. Trade In your old system in for cash towards your next home computer, gaming rig or office computer.

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