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Security Camera and Entry Alarm monitoring delivers a piece of mind for any home or business. Here at ECP we understand the importance of using technology to maintain a security net around the items that we work so hard for. Our families and property is constantly threatened when a security system is not in place. With the current economy problems the crime rate spiking from this very threat of unprotected homes and business invasions and burglary. Business owners are facing a constant threat of property theft, gasoline drive offs, and worse: property damage or personal harm.

At ECP we want to give you back a peace of mind when it comes to a complete mobile security solution. With our FREE Security Evaluation, we start by fully understanding your needs while providing the best system and service for your hard earned dollar. Contact us today and find out how our licensed security professionals can protect your family or business like its our own.

Monitor in real time from any smart phone such as " IPhone or Android" device or desktop/laptop computer with high speed internet.

Home Owners:

  • Record video & audio 24/7 day and night.
  • View remotely when your kids come home from school or late at night.
  • Monitor your swimming pool or play areas for insurance issues.
  • Protect your Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats and RV.
  • Monitor elderly family members for safety.
  • Monitor a family pet to ensure they are safe and happy.

Time is money, so save some by being in two places at once with our mobile solutions.

Business Owners or Managers.

  • Record video & audio 24/7 day and night.
  • Reduce risk of insurance claims due:
    • Retail or Warehouse Accidents
    • Parking Lot Accidents
    • Careless Employees
  • Reduce business shrinkage due to:
  • Employee theft
  • Shoplifting
  • Shipping & Receiving errors.
  • Playback suspicious activity
  • Save / Archive recorded video and audio.
  • and much more.

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