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We service and repair all types of laptop problems. Whether your laptop is running slow, or not running at all; ECP computer technicians can identify and fix any number of laptop issues.

DC Jack Replacement or Repair

Many laptops suffer from loose or broken DC jacks. Our experts can test your power adapter and DC jack to identify the problem. We then repair DC jacks to a higher standard than the original, ensuring your new or repaired DC jack will last longer and withstand more punishment over time.

Motherboard/Mainboard Replacement or Repair

Your motherboard controls every aspect of your laptop, sort of like a central nervous system in a human. Various hardware or even software issues can be contributed to an overheating or malfunctioning motherboard. In some cases the fix may be as simple as updating the bios and motherboard drivers without purchasing a new motherboard.

If your laptop requires a new motherboard, we will call you with price quote BEFORE performing any work. Laptop motherboards are generally extremely expensive to replace, therefore we will make every attempt to fix the issues before suggesting a replacement.

LCD Screen Replacement

Accidents happen. Today's laptop lcd screens are susceptible to breaking or cracking by falling just a few feet. If you have laptop screen issues we can replace any broken parts, including the LCD screen. Our technicians can diagnose and replace or repair your broken laptop screen usually for a fraction of the cost of a new laptop.

If your screen is flickering or fading, this could be a bad inverter. The inverter controls the power to your lcd screens' back light and may be the cause of the problem. We repair and replace bad lcd screen inverters.

Laptop Keyboard – Touchpad Replacement Repair

If your keyboard or touchpad is not responding, missing keys, or perhaps you just spilled coffee in it; we can fix and replace that for you. Keyboard or touchpad replacement is an affordable way to extend the life of your laptop.

Laptop Overheating

If your laptop is hot to the touch, randomly shutting down, or giving you errors; it could be due to overheating. If your laptop motherboard is overheating, we can replace the thermal paste, cooling fans and blow out any dust that may be clogging your cooling system. Keeping your system cool can significantly extend the life of your laptop and prevent costly repairs. Therefore we strongly suggest regular maintenance in the form of cleaning or blowing out your cooling vents and keeping them free of debris, dust, and/or pet hair.

Not in Beaumont? Try our laptop mail in repair service!

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