Laptop Mail In Repair Service

Having Issues with your netbook, laptop, or tablet?

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  • Do you need repairs but reside too far away from our store?
  • Don't feel like spending time and money to drive to our location?
  • Called the Manufacturer and they want to charge you more than the laptop is worth to repair?

ECP now offers a Laptop Mail In Service!

Our Laptop Mail In Service is as easy as:

  1. Call us a (877)261-9914 to setup a work order.
  2. Pack the laptop and power adapter securely with bubble wrap, packing foam; and include your information.
  3. Mail in the laptop.
  4. Receive phone call from our technician explaining the repairs needed and cost, before we begin the work.
  5. Receive phone call when work is done, and make payment over phone or online through our web site.
  6. Receive fixed laptop within a few days (depending on shipping distance)

We can fix ANY PROBLEM with ANY BRAND of Laptop (Toshiba, Sony, MacBooks, Dell, Gateway, HP - just to name a few)
*On some rare occasions we will suggest buying a new laptop if the repairs exceed the purchase price*

  • Broken, Missing, or Loose Charging Jack
  • Motherboard Replacement and/or Repair
  • Broken/Cracked Screen Replacement
  • Operating System Restore - Install/Upgrade
  • Remove Viruses, Trojan Horses, and Rootkits
  • Hard Drive Testing and Replacement/Upgrade
  • Memory Testing and Replacement/Upgrade
  • Keyboard Replacement/Repair
  • Replace/Repair ANY Broken Jack
  • Repair/Upgrade/Replace Wifi Adapter
  • Thermal Paste Replacement for Overheating
  • Fan Replacement/Repair for Overheating
  • Fuse/Capacitor Replacement
  • Motherboard Tracer

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our Mail In service is available for other types of repairs as well: Gaming Consoles, Flat Screen Monitors, Printers, etc. Please call for details.

Call us for estimated pricing and to set up a work order. Please securely package your laptop with the power adapter. We will call you with the final cost and process your payment over the phone or through our web site. The laptop will ship out the next business day.

Please be sure to enclose : Name, Address, Phone Number, Password and your Power Adapter

Please take pictures of the Laptop in the box, before shipping.  Ensure you ship your laptop with at least 2-3" of padding on each side.

Send To:

ECP Computers & More
3940 Eastex Fwy
Beaumont, TX 77703

Phone 409-899-5594
Fax 409-899-5995 

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