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ECP Computers is proud to offer solutions for all types of digital signs: from standard display boards to fully interactive kiosks.  We understand how important communication is, and a digital sign allows you communicate directly with your customers in a way that can be both engaging and entertaining.  We offer digital sign solutions that are scalable for any sized business.

We can also offer fully customized interactive experiences, from basic information pages, to interactive maps, etc.  Touch screen interactive solutions currently are 100% custom built to order, and do not use our digital sign software.

Example of Typical Digital Sign Use

Digital signs can be seen everywhere today:

Digital Vs. Traditional

When it comes to information, timing can be everything.  Having the ability to change your digital signs with a few keystrokes, can save you valuable time and money.  And communicating crucial information to the right people at the right time can be a key to success.  Communicating specials, promotions, and information in real time without printing fliers, handouts, posters, billboards saves time, energy, and trees.

Digital signs not only inform, but they can also engage your customers.  Engaged customers will retain more information, and feel empowered and well informed.  This can lead to higher customer satisfaction.

Traditonal signs are expensive.  Creating paper billboards, signs, etc. can be expensive and labor intensive.  With a digital sign there is no need for printing materials, thus a large step can removed from the process.  Now you can quickly and efficiently design a change to your existing digital sign, and implement it within minutes; not days, and at a fraction of the cost.  There is no need to worry about losing printed materials, having typos or errors, providing storage for paper materials, etc.  With Digital Signs, you can change anything on the fly, with minimal time and costs.

One Digital Sign Software, Endless Possibilities

Every business has different needs.  With ECP Digital Sign Software, you get software that is scalable, and remote accessible.  Whether it is one small screen in doctor's waiting room, or 25 Digital Menus at 25 Different locations. With one computer, you can control them all, making adjustments on the fly remotely.  We can help you from start to finish, by setting up your first digital sign, providing training on the software,  and installing the hardware to make everything run smoothly.

ECP Computers' Digital SignEngage Your Customers

According to a 2010 study by Arbitron

"Over two-thirds of American teens and adults have seen a digital video screen in a public venue in the past month.  Seventy percent of U.S. residents aged 12 or older recalled seeing a digital video display ...; that translates to approximately 181 million Americans.
Over half(52% or 135 million) of U.S. teens and adults have seen a digital video screen in just the past week."

Source :

What it all Means

A digital sign today can lead to higher customer engagement and loyalty. Allowing you to customize your message for specific customers on the fly can lead to increased audience engagement, and long term loyalty.

The ability to manage multiple locations in real time from one centralized system leads to greater productivity and less confusion.  

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Design your digital sign, easily add modules with a few clicks.  With our pre-built modules you can have a professional sign up and running in no time.  Or let us design it for you!


Edit your modules by double clicking on them.  You can have multiple instances rotating in and out in each module position.


Schedule all your displays from one central location.  Monitor multiple digital signs - turn on or off with the click of a mouse.

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