Computer Hardware Upgrades and Repair

Hardware Diagnostics & Evaluation

Hardware computer issues usually require full diagnostics to identify and repair. Our trained technicians will scan your computer's hardware piece by piece until the problem is located. We will run your computer system through a battery of tests to ensure the problem is properly identified. We then repair the problem or suggest new hardware replacement parts.

Computer Hardware Repair

If your computer is experiencing hardware failure, we will call you to inform you of the problem, and our suggested course of action for repair. Whether it involves soldering a new ac jack in place, replacing a laptop screen, or just replacing a bad cable: we will call you with a price quote BEFORE any work is done. If it is more cost effective to buy a new computer then fix your old one, we can help make suggestions for that as well. We have nearly 20 years of diagnosing and fixing broken computer hardware. We confidently offer a local 90 day warranty for all repairs in addition to any applicable manufacturers warranty.

In many cases we will suggest a replacement part that is of a higher quality than your previous component. We only use reliable computer parts for all our builds, therefore in most instances our replacement hardware can actually help extend the life of your computer system.

Hardware Installation and Upgrades

Computers offer a variety of possible upgrades: memory (RAM), printers, DVD-BluRay Drives, hard drives, WiFi, Graphics Card, Routers, etc. Let us assist you in your next computer upgrade. We have many computer hardware components in stock and ready for installation.

Our trained technicians can evaluate your current system and make suggestions for possible upgrades or just check to see if the upgrade you want will run in your current system. With thousands of possible combinations, it is easy to get the wrong upgrade for your particular computer system.

In addition, improper installation can not only damage your hardware or computer, but also can void the warranty for that product. Let us professionally install or upgrade your system and leave the hassle to us.

Hardware Installation Rates

  • Hardware Installation $35.00 each item

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